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United Way of Kent County, Maryland raises funds to support outstanding local charities and non-profit organizations serving those in need in our community. These Member Agencies provide emergency services, crisis intervention, self-sufficiency programs and youth support.

United Way and its Member Agencies work together to ensure a better standard of living for all the citizens of Kent County.

The United Way of Kent County volunteer Board is responsible for identifying County needs and recommending support for local agencies responding to them. It is clear that very basic needs must be met during this difficult time when government funds may be limited. Thus, United Way is stressing support of those agencies which offer food, shelter, and other basic necessities.


Selection of Member Agencies

Those selected as Member Agencies must have demonstrated fiscal integrity and sound management. Grants are authorized to Member Agencies in amounts which depend on the contributions received from United Way donors.


Funding for Member Agencies

Funds are raised to assist organizations serving the people of Kent County. Contributions are fully tax-exempt. Donations are received annually from more than 600 individuals and businesses and range from Platinum Club gifts of $10,000 or more to gifts of $25 or less. Payroll deductions play an important role and range from amounts as large as $2,600 to those of $1 per week. Together these contributions comprise the funds available to assist the Member Agencies. 


New United Way of Kent County Board of Directors in 2015 (L to R)

Jay Alexander, Barbara Foster, Glenn Wilson, Marilyn parks



United Way of Kent County's Executive Director Beth Everett

United Way of Kent County Board of Directors

Back Row: (l to r) Alison Libshitz, Marilyn Parks (S), Chip Williams (VP), Beth Everett (ED) Barbara Foster, Mickey Elsberg

Front Row: Paula Reeder, Bill MacIntosh, Carol Droge (P), Alan Chesney, Sarah Feyerherm

Not Pictured:  Dick Barker (T), Polly Campbell, Jay Alexander, Katie Warrington, Glenn Wilson, Mary Fisher, Nicole Parr


Board of Directors 2014-2015


Carol Droge President
Chip Williams Vice President
Marilyn Parks Secretary
Richard Barker Treasurer



Jay Alexander

Richard Barker

Mary Ellen Campbell
Alan Chesney
Carol Droge
Stuart Elsberg

Sarah Feyerherm

Mary Fisher

Barbara Foster

Alison Libstihz
William MacIntosh

Marilyn Parks

Nicole Parr
Paula Reeder

Karie Warrington
Chip Williams

Glenn Wilson


Stuart Godwin                  Director Emeritus

Thomas Collier, MD Director Emeritus


Elizabeth Everett Executive Director